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Grug Goes Fishing : Grug - Ted Prior



Rediscover GRUG, that unforgettable hero of the Australian bush. In 2009 this once-upon-a-time million-selling little monster turns 30. Who can do everything but catch a fish? Grug! About The Author Ted Prior is an Australian children's author, best known for his works on the children's series of Grug books. Ted Prior previously worked as a police of...Read More
The Complete Australian Fishing Encyclopedia : AFN Technical - Bill Classon

AFN Technical


This is the most comprehensive book on Australian fishing yet produced. The experts at the Australian Fishing Network, Freshwater Fishing Magazine and Sport Fishing Australia Magazine have created the ultimate fishing reference book Australian Fishing Encyclopedia....Read More
It Happened on a Fishing Trip - Paddy O'Reilly



Fishing – we do it in ponds, creeks, great rivers, the deep sea. Some fall under the spell of the chase, some spend a lifetime trying to tie the perfect fly, some just like sitting on the pier for hours. These are tales of the fishing adventures and misadventures of amateurs and pros, one-time anglers, families and friends, in the stunning landscape of Aust...Read More
Map 11 : NSW Central Lakes - Bill Classon

NSW Central Lakes


Map 11: NSW Central Lakes Lake Burrendong Wyangala Dam Windamere Dam Lake Glenbawn Carcoar Dam Lake Oberon Chifley Lake Lake Lyel...Read More
Geoff Wilson's Waterproof Book of Basic Fishing Knots : Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Disgrams - Geoff Wilson

Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Disgrams


Geoff Wilson has an undeniable passion for knots and their correct tying. It is this passion that has inspired the release of this series. Throughout these versions, Geoff takes anglers through the precise methods and processes needed to tie the sometimes difficult knots that modern fishing lines require. To make these publications more convenient for the ang...Read More
AFN Geoff Wilson's Waterproof Book of Essential Fishing Knots : Ideal For Your Tackle Box! - Geoff Wilson

Ideal For Your Tackle Box!


This handy pocket-sized guide shows you how to tie knots just like an expert. These knots are essential and at times difficult to remember. You can take this book whenever you go fishing. It fits in a tackle box, glove box, pocket - anywhere! The heavy waterproof pages with spiral binding will stay open and flat for easy reading, even under the most adverse w...Read More

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Fishing Reel 10+1 Ball Bearings, Line Capacity 0.25/240, 0.30/150, 0.35/125 Fishing Reel, 9BB, Gear Ratio 5.2:1, Line Capacity 0.28/250, 0.33/180, 0.35 Baitcaer Fishing Reel 2BB +1RB, Gear Ratio 4.2:1, Aluminium Spool, Line C Baitcaing Fishing Reel 2 x Ball Bearings, Gear Ratio 4.8:1, Line Capacity Fishing Rod with Reel, Jarvis walker White Tail (Pooraka, SA) 2 x Fishing Reels, 5.1:1 Gear Ratio, 3 Ball Bearings, Line Capacity 0.3/260 6 x Assorted Fishing Lures. Buyers Note - Discount Freight Rates Apply to A ABU GARCIA BT4050 Freeliner Fishing Reel, Gear Ratio 5.5:1 Capacity 0.36/16 ABU GARCIA Fishing Reel Gear Ratio 5.2:1, 3+1 Ball Bearing Line Capacity 0.

Are you looking for Aquatic Bait for your next recreational fishing trip? Using the AquaBait search you can find.
Unique fishing sea bait
Marine worms from Lake Macquarie
specially preserved tube-worms
highly nutritious shrimp and fish diet
investment opportunity - worm breeding farm development
Finding and using the right bait will make all the different to your next fishing trip. Breeder and grower of premium quality marine worms for use in aquaculture feeds, sea angling and scientific research.

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